The implementation of this project will result in reduced energy consumption in the upgraded buildings and consequently in reduced expenses on their maintenance, reduced emissions of air pollutants and reduced adverse environmental impact.

The objective of the project is to improve energy efficiency and to increase the proportion of energy generated using renewable energy sources in public buildings located in the area of the Union of Towns and Communes of the Parsęta River Basin and in adjacent communes.

The results of project implementation will include reduced of avoided CO2 emissions in an amount of 717.92 Mg p.a. Energy produced using renewable energy sources will amount to 2.1528 MWh p.a. The envelopes of 9 buildings will be thermally upgraded, 2 heat sources will be replaced and 1 RES will be installed.

The objective of the project will be achieved by completing thermal upgrading works in public buildings, by replaced heat sources in 2 buildings and installed renewable energy sources in 1 building.

The beneficiaries of the project include the users of the upgraded buildings, and indirectly the inhabitants of locations where the buildings are situated.